To understand all your needs, our team is composed of researchers and engineers who have the ability to bring a critical eye to

your projects, requests and problems. 


We have a clear understanding of technical, marketing and commercial field, which allow us to bring you

the best products at the best prices and with the highest yield possible.

(either for our products or for the products you could ask us to toll-manufacture)


We study your innovation projects with you, to offer you our reliable expertise in biotechnologies.

Contract manufacturing of natural ingredients


You have a specific need for ingredients and are looking for a trusted European manufacturer and supplier ?

You have an in-house bio-process and are looking for specific facilities to outsource your production ?

We may have a solution for you.


In a confidential agreement, we will study your products and process specifications and propose a suitable solution to help you achieve your goals.

Rectification of essential oils and extracts by fractional distillation

Removal of the undesirable product (allergen, endocrine disruptor, acid...) :

Ex : Removal of methyl eugenol from essential oil XX

Ex : Removal of beta-myrcene from essential oil YY

Purification of the molecule or specific fractions :

Ex : Purification of massoia C10 lactone from Cryptocarya massoia bark oil.

Ex : Purification of beta-ocimene from Tagetes essential oil.

Ex : Purification of aromatic terpenes from hemp extracts

The Green Factory

Toward industries of the future

The Green Factory is the unique combination of an R&D platform and an industrial demonstration plant dedicated to the development of industrial bioprocesses, from laboratory-scale quantities to metric tonnes.
Enzymes and micro-organisms are specifically designed as micro-factories and bioprocesses are optimised and scaled up to produce valuable molecules for multiple applications in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biofuels and all areas of speciality chemistry.

An R&D service designed to meet your project objectives

Whether you are a big company, a start-up or a laboratory, The Green Factory is committed to providing you with innovative solutions throughout the maturation of your project to help you accelerate your time to market.

We will offer you solutions adapted to your business model :


- Custom manufacturing of enzymes or biomolecules

- Technology transfer and licensing

- Sale of turn-key equipments 

- Associated services, etc..

Key impacts on your business

Low carbon footprint and minimal environmental impact to preserve ecosystems, natural resources, biodiversity and climate


Competitive costs through streamlined value-added chains designed to help you capture new markets and keep up with key trends


Efficient and reliable technologies for a secure supply of products and services in a short time and adapted to your scale