Meet the team ! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of us 

Abdelkrim Gherrabti - Naturamole

Abdelkrim Gherrabti 

Chief Executive Officer

Annie Charbonnier 

Executive Assistant & Sales Administration

Florent Glasse - Naturamole

Florent Glasse 

Director of Sales

Guillaume LEPAGE - Naturamole

Guillaume Lepage

Technical Director

Pamela Cruz

R&D Engineer

Justine Dantin

R&D Technician (fermentation-dedicated)

Salma Asekele

R&D Technician

Léa Moutoir

R&D Technician

Gaelle Marin - Naturamole

Gaëlle Marin

Production Manager

Tugay Ak

Business Developer EMEA

Gaelle Marin - Naturamole

Matisse Rousselle

R&D Intern

Aya Touzi

Fragrances Designer

Camille Durand

R&D Intern


Headquarters & Production Site

ZA du Villaret 
38350 SUSVILLE  

Phone :  +33 (0) 476 30 19 02
Fax : +33 (0) 476 30 82 05


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