Since 2003, we have been offering natural and local ingredients based on vegetable raw materials to manufacturers of finished products.


We produce molecules using biotechnology research processes aimed at the large-scale production of innovative natural ingredients that adhere to circular economy approaches and the exploration of innovative solutions for different sectors meant for the industries of today and tomorrow.


Historical Background

From 2004 to 2006 Naturamole's teams were mainly devoted to fine-tuning and stabilising production, developing a now substantial catalogue of molecules, researching and securing sources of raw materials, and gradually building up the customer base.

Since 2009, Naturamole has grown considerably and we expect to grow even more in the coming years. We have our own cash flow to finance projects in research and development, as well as for the company's internal and international expansion.

Since some years, Naturamole's turnover keep on increasing by a steady 15%, which allows us to achieve our objectives despite the difficult international context.

Our evolution is growing thanks to the mastery of the natural product chain ; from cultivation, export, processing, up to their use in perfumery, cosmetics and flavouring.

Naturamole in figures

> 120


+ 18 %


+ 150

tons of annual capacity

70 %

of export sales

(on total sales)


of production area

30 %

of R&D budget injected each from the total turnover

Notre expertise

Building-blocks for Flavors

New tastes, new sensations, new trends.

Naturalness is guaranteed by high-performance isotopic tests.

Our products are GMO-free, comply with the European legislation and are certified Kosher and Halal.

Together, let's develop ever more innovative aromatic molecules production processes !

Building-blocks for Fragrances

Natural molecules made in France from local and vegetable raw materials.

These natural molecules reproduce scents that exist in nature, such as fruity notes like lemon or fresher, greener notes like mint.

Innovation is at the heart of our work to provide natural solutions and expand our product range.

Building-blocks for Cosmetics 

We control the legislation of all our products to supply cosmetic customers, respecting the body and hygiene of the body, face and hair.

Our ingredients are guaranteed without allergens and they are EcoCert' compliants, as well as COSMOS NAT compliants.

Essential oils

We are able to rectify purchased essential oils in a responsible and ethical manner, while providing a high degree of traceability and transparency for customers and consumers.

We think first and foremost about protecting the environment when we produce.


We operate following a virtuous production cycle with less than 2% waste, which are the alcohols and acids not used in the biocatalysis of the targeted molecules : they are then separated and purified again, to be re-used in another production.


Our natural raw materials

Only certified natural raw materials are at the origin of all our products, because we rely on responsible sourcing that values traceability and sustainability.

We are committed to respecting the environment, to knowing how to do things and also to knowing how to be, thanks to our great capacity to listen and to manage.

Responsible Sourcing

At Naturamole, we rely on 3 fundamental criteria for the sourcing of our raw materials (Acids / Alcohols)


Participation in negotiations


On all criteria (price, quantity, etc.) with our current and potential suppliers, which requires us to be as close as possible to the needs of each of our customers, in order to be able to meet all their requirements.

Analysis of product characteristics


  • To offer the best alternative possible, in order to have the most qualitative, environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials available.






It is at the heart of our strategic challenges: from the supply chain, through the production chain to the final validation by our customers. Our traceability system is based on several key criteria such as reliability, accuracy and rigour.

Our strategy

We want to expand internationally by looking for new target markets in the Asian and Pacific area.

Naturamole seeks to diversify and reach a wider customer base with the aim of spreading higher European standards and more qualitative and eco-responsible products.