site_web_naturamoleEssential oils

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We produce pure and natural essential oils according to the H.E.P.T.C. (Essential Oil, Pure, Total and Chemotyped) standard of quality.

In traditional or organic version, we produce them from wild or grown plants. Growing programs for some plants are exclusively produced by production commitments to Moroccan farm cooperatives certified by the Moroccan Department of Waters and Forests.



site_web_naturamoleNatural molecules


Natural molecules manufactured by biotechnology process were at the origin of the company’s set up after 12 years of university studies. They represent one of our main three activities.

According to the n° 1334 European regulation (CE) from 12/16/2008, they are mainly intended to the aromatics, fragrance and cosmetics areas, as well as to some laboratories specialized in the agricultural world.

Almost all our products references are certified Kosher and Hallal.



site_web_naturamoleBerries and fruits

molecule   We market several types of goods produced by Taarapõllu farm, our Estonian Partner. The production site has all organic farming certifications approved by the Estonian department of Organic Agriculture under the European label.

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EE-ÖKO-02 EU Agriculture

All berries and fruits are harvested in Estonian forests with organic farming certifications.