Our Know-How


essential oils


Our independence and industrial strategy providing full mastery of production process allow us to remain a manufacturer of high quality natural materials.

We are an industrial company based on high scientific and technological levels as well as a commercial team of experts focused on the customer.

Our expertise in molecular biotechnology and in plant and fruit extractions is largely recognized on the market. This ability has earned us the confidence of our customers on the global market.

The microorganisms, bacteria and yeasts used in Biotechnology are certified non-GMO. Our enzymatic reactions, our fermentation methods from plant substrates, and our purification techniques get us to produce natural molecules with high purity and output levels.

All the products from our different ranges are the result of in-depth studies carried out by our R & D department. Then, they are tested in industrial process before being launched.

These products studies may sometimes take months and even years of work.

iodefx Our product offerings have been enriched in 2013 by two new ranges of products:

naturePure essential oils
natureBerries and wild fruits with different types of products

ecocertIn Traditional and Organic versions