Naturamole keeps up close relationships with several scientific partners. Research projects are progressing, and some of them have been the object of file submission to the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (French National Research Agency) within the innovating production process for natural molecules.).

huiles essentielles


  • Natural esters :

In 2012, our Research & Development department started studies for a new range of natural esters; many references of which will be available during the year 2013.

New Bioreactor generation :

Thanks to the building of our new bioreactor prototype, we will also be able to offer new natural molecules – such as lactones and ketones- during the year 2013.

This new fermentor generation, fruit of a research work carried out for many years by our manager Mr Abdelkrim GHERRABTI and our scientific adviser in biotechnology Mr Robert PERRAUD, will be able to get fermentation and purification - the obtention process of which will be realized with a high level of output.

• The low expenditure in energy, microbial or/and enzymatic reactions are unfolding with controlled temperature but no use of organic solvent. The catalysts that are used are exclusively organic and the reactions implemented only made up of enzymatic biotransformation or microbial processes.



huiles essentielles


Other references among our existing range are currently being studied in order to propose the largest choice of essential oils as possible.




The number of these products will enable us to offer you a quite large palette of possibilities among juices, purées, powders, concentrates and ‘’Pétales de fruits” (‘Fruit Petals’).