Quality and Philosophy

Nature is our passion and our source of inspiration

Our quality policy relies on HACCP procedures and the respect of the European regulations existing in our customers’ various sectors, such as the CE 1334/2008 regulation for the aromatics Industry, the COSMOS certification rules for the cosmetics and fragrance areas, and under the EE-OKO-02 EU Agriculture label for berries and fruits coming from organic farming.

Our business philosophy is rooted in the development and marketing of natural products.

This philosophy draws on our expertise in scientific studies and the development of industrial technologies in compliance with different European regulations. Over the years, these two strengths have enabled us to make progress to reach a high level of quality. We have been able to obtain and maintain a strict level of requirements in raw material with local producers.

Before any delivery, each production batch is controlled by combining results of Gas-Liquid Chromatography (GLC) and Mass Spectroscopy (MS).