Natural Molecules



Natural molecules manufactured by biotechnology process were at the origin of the company’s set up after 12 years of university studies. They represent one of our main three activities.

According to the n° 1334 European regulation (CE) from 12/16/2008, they are mainly intended to the aromatics, fragrance and cosmetics areas, as well as to some laboratories specialized in the agricultural world.

Almost all our products references are certified Kosher and Hallal.

molecule naturelle


In order to comply with the using scope of cosmetics regulations for organic products, our quality department is able to fill specific documents corresponding to the COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) standard.

Our products are in accordance with the European regulations about naturality and can undergo all isotopic tests such as D/H, C13/C12, O18/O16.


site_web_naturamoleTechniques used are:

  • ecocertBioconversion from enzymatic catalysts, or by molecular processing, is performed from natural agents or microorganisms without use of solvents during process to get purity wanted.

  • ecocertBiosynthesis by fermentation is carried out by new prototype of reactor that strongly limits use of quantity of volatile solvents during purity process.

  • ecocertFractioned distillation process is carried out with essential oils to get an isolate.


site_web_naturamoleThe types of natural molecules we produce are:

  •  ecocertNATURAL ESTERS

  •  natureAcétates

  •  naturePropionates

  •  natureButyrates

  •  natureHexanoates (Caproates)

  •  natureIsobutyrates

  •  natureIsovalerates (3-Methylbutyrates)

  •  natureOctanoates (Caprylates)

  •  natureDecanoates (Caprates)



  • natureGamma Octalactone

  • natureSome other references are being under investigation and development.



  • natureBeta ionone

  • nature2-Heptanone

  • natureSome other references are being developed

The Cas and Fema numbers for each one are listed in the attached document.

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