Essential Oils

huiles essentielles

huiles essentielles

huiles essentielles


We produce pure and natural essential oils according to the H.E.P.T.C. (Essential Oil, Pure, Total and Chemotyped) standard of quality.

In traditional or organic version, we produce them from wild or grown plants. Growing programs for some plants are exclusively produced by production commitments to Moroccan farm cooperatives certified by the Moroccan Department of Waters and Forests.

Regarding quality analysis we are in contact with Marrakech’s Agricultural University and Taounate’s INPMA ( Institut National des Plantes Médicinales et Aromatiques ).

Regarding organic essential oils production, the plants are certified by Ecocert. Different samples are taken from each crop, and then analyzed by private laboratories in order to guarantee there is no accidental contamination by pesticides.

From strict terms and specifications, essential oils are produced according to the European standards of quality. Traceability and analysis throughout the process guarantee our clients optimum quality and security, from the field to the delivery in our French warehouses, and thereafter, to customer’s production sites.

Upon our customers’ request, we can also make specific essentials oils blend formulas and if necessary boost sensorial strength by natural molecules addition. Confidential and exclusive agreements can be drawn up.

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